Garage Door Cable Replacement

garage door cable replacement

Garage Door Cables are the most important part of doors and most of the time people say it “safety cable”. Garage Door Cable Replacement is necessary if it is broken or damaged. Actually, these cables hold’s your garage door panel to provide you maximum security in case if your panel is broken or opener is not working then by pulling cable, it will separate the door with tracks and then we can manually lift the door. If this safety cable is not replaced on time then it may cause a danger for you and your loved ones as because you don’t know when will your garage door or your springs be broken and without the cable, it will directly fall on the ground.

So, in that case, you need to call some garage door cable replacement experts, or you can also change it via yourself read the complete article to know more about it.

So, in that case, First Coast Garage Door Provides the best garage door service in Jacksonville, we can replace your garage door cable really fast and cheap. Moreover, you can do it yourself too, read the complete article to know more about it.

Things Causes Garage Door Malfunction:

There are many things which causes a malfunction in the opening and closing of a garage door. Sometimes it happens due to the extension spring which supports your garage door panel, and sometimes it happens due to the tension spring which supports your garage door if lifting up and down, and also in the folding of your panel, it’s a long steel barrel spring.

Equipment’s Checklist:

Here is the checklist which will help you to gather tools before changing your garage door cable.

  • S Hook
  • 2 Vice Grips
  • Replacement Bracket
  • Screw Driver
  • Oil or Lubricant

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How To Do Garage Door Cable Replacement:

This Garage door cable replacement techniques is currently not new even experts follow the same pattern to get their cables working. So, In order to replace the cable, we have to first disengage the opener which connects with the door. Unplugged the power to the alchemy. Be Safe as because we don’t want any accidents to occur while working on the garage door. We usually recommend using a vise grip just below the bottom roller to hold the door open while replacing the cable. First of all, positioning your ladder and check for the safety parameters. To remove the cable, you have to first get a vice grip and adjust it grips the shaft in terms of just enough to loosen the cable so as you can get it. If you turn it too much the other cable will come off.

Actually, it’s a time-consuming process and you could spend half of the day trying to get both cables (the experts can do this in a couple of time) after doing so don’t move your vise grip and use the screwdriver to clasp the cable. The cable must be rusted, and it shortens life so then you slowly missing the cable enough send itself. You need to be careful not to scratch the door, and at the very end of the cable there’s a slot and a cave then you just need to fit cable inside it and pull the cable to remove it.

Now take out your new cable and check its ends the first end of the cable is a tip that fits inside the drum at the other end of the cable is the loop that goes on the bottom of the door. Now we had problems over the years with the bottom of the loop as sometimes it may cause snapping sounds. Most times we will hear from the customers that hey that clicking sound wasn’t there before”, so the clicking sound does not cause any problem. But if you’re into sounds and you don’t want to hear that clicking sound the best thing to do is to get a vise grip to pinch it and then make it a file edge with a sharp blade or cutter (but in doing so you need to be safe order ambien online america and secure as those blades are really sharp and they can harm you easily).

garage door cable replacement

Now that pinned vise grip will help’s you to prevent that working snap and door closing. So we rub the violent part, and this is the part that would be next to the picture above. Then on the other half, you need to fit that snugly in the cable drum do some side to side and then bent it. So after this, you need to put that bent cable into the drum, so after this go around the back side of the drum and comes to the slot which was mention in the drum. Just place cable right in it and make sure to adjust it properly. By turning this around you will see the cable wraps around the front and then over the top and stay it in the outer groove. After it slowly, slowly wind up the cable to the drum and keep your hand on it.

Now when the cable wraps up is complete on the drum, the cable is ready to install. But notice that this cable is about three or four inches. Now just take the bending point of the cable and attach it to the Milford pin and then in order to get this cable back on, hold a vise grip grab and turn it just enough to get the cable. The new cable may be a little bit longer or maybe a little bit shorter the standard in the industry right now is 8 feet 6 inches for a seven feet high. Some of the older cables were a little bit longer and some of them a little shorter some doors have been modified repaired by the homeowner, and you may have a cables original 8 feet and 6 inches. So after completing the work close your garage door and test the cable. 

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When you need to Call Garage Door Experts:                 

 In some of the cases there are many points when you need to call some experts, as there are few things which cannot be done by own, and on that cases, you need to call the experts so that he can look down the major problem and Provides the best solution. Moreover, for security & safety reasons, we urge you to get some expert or you may call us we are available for 24hrs at your service.



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