Easy Steps of Insulating a Garage Door

Easy Steps of Insulating a Garage Door

Insulating a garage door is expensive but it is a one-time investment but you can save a lot of money and DIY (Do It Yourself). Garage doors insulations are used to cut energy bills and they also act as barrier noise canceling. You will learn about the following content:

  • What is garage door insulation and Why They are Used?
  • What are the types of insulation?
  • What are matching insulations to garage doors?
  • What are insulation kits?

What is Garage Door Insulation?

The garage is the biggest entrance of any home and that is why it also brings in a lot of heat and you can hear all the traffic noise. Using insulation, you will have cut on your energy bills and provides impacting as well. 

What are the Types of Insulation’s?

Following are the best garage door insulation types:

  1. Batt Insulation: this is a very flexible type of insulation. It is usually stuffed in the outer part of the walls. It is made up of fiberglass. It uses a foil paper coating which acts as an air barrier and a vapor. It costs 30 cents per square foot.
  2. Reflective Insulation: this type of insulation reflects radiant heat. It uses reflective aluminum foil which is applied on both sides of the insulation materials. It uses polyethylene bubbles and cardboard. 
  3. Foam Board Insulation: these are rigid panels. These are made up of polystyrene which provides thickness. These are faced with vinyl and aluminum. 

What are Matching Insulation’s to Garage Doors?

The goal is to match the best kind of insulation for garage door and there are three types of them:

  1. Flat Garage Door: if you have a flat garage door then reflective or foam board insulation is best. You will also need to use tape and glue.
  2. Panel Doors and Wood Frame: if you have either of these garages, you have to fit rigid and cut the insulation and fit between the frames of the door. If you want more control towards climate, install two layers of foam board.
  3. Steel Garage Doors: these are the types of garage doors that can accommodate any kind of insulation. The most feasible valium american online and flexible insulation that suits these doors are fiberglass or you can also cut it to fit the foam board insulation into the frames.

What are Insulation Kits?

Following are the most common and considered as the best garage door insulation kits:

  • Owens Corning Garage Door Insulation Kit: it fits 7 to 9 feet, gives 5x more insulation, 20% more noise reduction and provides fast installation.
  • Garage Door Insulation Kit Lowes: you can buy different types of kits at Lowes.

Matador Garage Door Insulation Kit: it fits 8 to 9 feet, doesn’t require tapes, pins or glues, it has polystyrene laminate panels and they are 25 inches thick.

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