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Roller Door Versus Up and Over Door

Starting with the operating mechanism, the roller door has a smoother and more effortless motion than the up-and-over. This in turn makes it more durable and gives it a longer life expectancy. It is also difficult to dislodge or damage the roller door’s mechanism which is located above the garage’s opening. The same is not true of the U and O door.

The mechanism of the roller door also makes it ideally suited to motorization and remote control, something that is not so true of the up-and-over door, particularly the canopy version. In fact, the roller door is probably the best type of door to select if you want an electric-operating garage entry system. It is also a door that is stable and secure once in the closed position.

A big advantage that the roller garage door has over the up-and-over door is in space utilization. The U and O door requires a free open area, both to the sides of the door opening and in the roof space where the open door is stored. This can limit roof space and it makes it impossible to store taller items to the sides of the walls where the door buy tramadol online pharmacy tilts and lifts.

With the roller-style door, neither of these issues occurs. The door is made from a series of hinged sections that are retracted upwards and then wrapped around a cylindrical drum. This means that they take up a minimum of space and do not interfere with the roof space or the areas adjacent to the garage opening.

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Another advantage that the roller door has over the U and O is the ability to open it without it projecting forward beyond the threshold of the garage opening. This means that vehicles (or anything else) can be placed inches from the door when the door is opened or closed without danger of damage.

A big disadvantage with the up-and-over garage door is that it has to be either open or closed. Having this kind of door partially open will lead to it either closing or opening on its own and, if in a semi-open state, it will project forward. The roller door does not have this problem. It can be left in a partially open state allowing someone to dip under it without it interfering with anything left or stored nearby.

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