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How to Select Perfect Garage Door

It is important to take material and mechanism into consideration when choosing which type of door to install because it will affect the maintenance and repair procedures you will engage in.

Selecting the Perfect Garage Door

Type 1: Retractable

With retractable systems, a large portion of the garage door swings outwards and then slides into your garage’s ceiling. The pivot points are located on the top of the door, so a swinging clearance outside is needed. Many a television comedy has used this style of door as a prop to make a character suddenly ‘disappear’. Because the doors swing outward, space must be taken into account. You will not be able to park too close or you won’t be able to open the doors.

They are fairly easy to install. Side assemblies are required, as are tracks to the order ambien in the pharmacy online top, to serve as support for the door. However, garages with this type of door are not insulated well. Retractable doors are usually available in steel, timber, and ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) or Fiberglass.

Type 2: Canopy

Canopy garage doors are similar to retractable doors. The main difference is that when it slides upward into the ceiling, a third of the door is left protruding outside, hence the name. They are easier to install and no tracks are required inside the garage. However, they aren’t easy to automate. They are also available in fiberglass, steel, timber, and ABS.

Type 3: Side-Hinge

These are traditional doors that also open outwards much like accordion-style closet doors. They are your usual double doors. This means that repair isn’t as difficult as the other door types as you do not need to deal with tracks, springs, and/or pulley systems. The hinges need to be frequently examined though. Note: just like a canopy and retractable doors, the insulation properties are not good at all. They are most frequently available in wood or timber.

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Type 4: Roller

This style has a curtain-like appearance which, as the name implies, rolls up into the ceiling. No frame is required and they are available in units that can provide good insulation for the garage. However, the presence of moving parts requires regular lubrication and cleaning. They are available in steel and aluminum

Type 5: Sectional

These garage doors are made up of panels (sections). The door rises and goes backward when it reaches the ceiling. Just like roller doors, no door frame is required but the moving parts would also require maintenance and lubrication. They also provide good security and can be made to be draft-proof. For sectional doors though, you may also need to take a look at the different connectors among the panels when you are engaging in the repair process.

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